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Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
Hmm....why are Disney doing all of these Star Wars films and Marvel films for?


So all of a sudden it's "bad" that WB's want to make good quality superhero films like Worlds Finest and or Justice League to make some $$$$$$$?

Come on now....

WB rarely makes good decisions. When they do it is met with skepticism. They also have a bad habit of spending a lot of time and tens of millions to develop something only to scrap it at the first sign of trouble. When it comes to WB and their comic book properties, skepticism is healthy. Don't believe anything until the day after they start principal photography. Try not to get excited about it until the first bit of footage.

That being said, Nolan himself has earned some goodwill, and while I'm in the minority, I think Snyder has too. If they are going to continue from where the Dark Knight Rises left off, they are the only people I'd trust to do it.

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