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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

At least we heard the names Scarecrow and Two-Face in reference to Crane and Dent. Catwoman is the only one who's name is never uttered once. Not that it bothered me. Just pointing it out that she's the only comic book character to not get her name mentioned in Nolan's trilogy. But then there has been many comic book characters who never got their comic book names mentioned in movies.

Iron Man never called Obidiah Stane 'The Iron Monger'.

The Incredible Hulk never called Blonsky 'The Abomination'.

Spider-Man 3 never named Eddie Brock 'Venom'.

Iron Man 2 never calls Mickey Rourke's character 'Whiplash'.

Rhodey is never called War Machine.

The Avengers never even calls Agent Barton 'Hawkeye'.

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