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Default Re: Rick "Motherf***in" Grimes Thread

Originally Posted by Scar Predator View Post
I'll say it again: Rick can't fight without a weapon. Morgan, an average joe, was handing Rick his butt until Rick was able to grab his gun. I could buy Rick getting overpowered so easily by a much larger man, but policemen are taught trapping/grappling skills for situations like Morgan's attack when he awoke.
I mean, you can argue this as many times as you want but dude is in a debilitated mental state. Probably hasn't eaten or slept well in forever. Plus, he was a small town cop. He said so as much in this latest episode. I mean, not every cop receives John McClane NYPD level training. Cops get overpowered by criminals on a daily basis. I know this is a tv show and you expect them to be bad asses and whatnot but it's not outside the realm of possibility.

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