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Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
Superheroes aren't a bad idea, it's just corrosive to Bale's Bruce Wayne. Until Cavil makes love to him that is.
The big bad scheme in TDKR would not have happened if not for Bruce's actions in BB. Not that anyone knows that - all they know is that Batman flew an atom bomb out of the city. Which is heroic, yes, but perhaps the whole thing could have been prevented.

The very premise of TDK asks if Batman's existence is harmful to society. That's why it was elevated from mere "comic book movie," because it asked such questions, even though we still had fun watching explosions.

Bruce grooming a successor makes sense with the "moving on" arc, which is much stronger than the "Batman is bad for society" idea throughout the trilogy. But it's something that can't be ignored.

Plus, there's no telling what Blake will do with the tools he's been given. It seems like he wouldn't bend the law as much as Bruce, at least. The Joker getting all his power in TDK resulted directly from Batman breaking international laws and spiriting Lau back from Hong Kong back to Gotham. Will Blake do stuff like that? Hopefully not. He probably doesn't have the resources, anyway.

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