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To be fair, the ferry passengers didn't "stand up" to Joker's game as much as they simply showed that they aren't monsters. They didn't necessarily prove themselves to be assertive and heroic, only that they aren't ready to commit mass murder. One is quite different from the other.
I would say managing the urge to survive by not blowing up a boat full of scumbags was rather selfless. And Deebo, a convict for God knows what, committed the selfless act of not blowing up a boat full of people that he thought would for sure blow him up. I would say selflessness is a textbook trait of heroism.

I don't think the actions of the citizens in TDK and TDKR are unrealistic. I'm pretty sure we would have all acted in the same way.
It's not about realism or unrealism. Simply conflicting portrayals of the same people to make a finer point. Batman's needlessness in Knight; the need of Batman in Rises. And even though they are not Gothamites, don't forget the willingness of the military to kill Blake just so he won't escape with the bus full of kids to relative safety. Where is the leap of faith that characterized the people at the end of TDK?

And I don't think what Blake or Gordon did to thwart Bane's plan to be "extra-martial." They simply didn't have the resources Bruce did to stop him.
I am talking about what Blake will do as Batman 2.0/Robin/Nightwing. He certainly didn't want to operate under the shackles of the law anymore, as he himself said and made it clear when he threw his badge away.

Alan Moore on comics:

They've lost a lot of their original innocence, and they can't get that back. And, they're stuck, it seems, in this kind of depressive ghetto of grimness and psychosis. I'm not too proud of being the author of that regrettable trend.
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