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Default Re: Favorite Spider-Man film so far.

Originally Posted by DarkSovereignty View Post
Eh, i look at it as one part of a whole. Then'origin' of Spider-Man is not use the first act of the first movie, it's going to encompass the planned trilogy. He's a kid in love, so he breaks his promise. And it's looking like their building up the death of Gwen Stacy for the third film, so there are ramifications for Peter breaking the promise, cementing the concept that with great power comes great responsibility in a tragic, sobering fashion. I actually prefer this approach, the characters come off like actual people instead of Saturday morning carton characters like in raimis films (and I like the raimi films btw).
But it also shows me that Peter learned nothing in the movie. The lessons of responsibility and learning to see what being Spider-Man actually means is null and void because he pushes his growth to the sideline without as much as a second thought. He literally only follows the promise for like, 5 mins film time. It totally contradicted what he was supposed to learn, IMO. Yet another reason it irked me. It irks me more because it is how the movie ends, so I left the film with a bad taste in my mouth from this scene, which hurt the great death scene Capt. Stacy had.

Originally Posted by TheForgotten View Post
I honestly don't understand how Peter is a jerk. I fail to see it. He makes some poor choices but all characters do. He's still a teenager and Webb and co. are using that to create a good drama. There is no character I have related more to than Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker.
I think the drama in TASM was very mixed. Some of it worked, some of it sucked. One great example of poor drama was after Spider-Man got shot and was sturggling to get to Oscopr, and the stupid crane montage happened. This wasn't the only piece of poor drama in the film. That said, there were plotlines/moments of drama that were done very well. But, it is offset by me with a lot of crappy decisions they also made.

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