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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 9

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
One of his origins is that of an archaeologist who finds the alien rings/technology in a cave. However, he is still using Extremis and that part of his origin is mixed in here. The rings aren't technically all vibranium. Some of the metals making up the alloy are unlike anything Mandarin has ever seen. Leads him to believe the metals they're made from were combined by ancient people who possessed high technology, and knowledge of vibranium. Technically the rings are still an alien metal, but they're not alien technology, Mandi says they were forged on earth, the metal is from elsewhere. Mandarin believes they passed through Atlantis at one point... he has unconventional beliefs for an archaeologist and it's no wonder he no longer teaches. Yes he's been altered a little, but the core of it is intact and combined with Extremis. He's not really a businessman in this version, although he uses businesses to his advantage. He attacks nearly all areas of culture as he thinks dominance of each area is important, needs an inside man in politics, in the airforce etc. That's sort of what they're going with. He works much like Genghis Khan did but with modern technologies, praising some of his ancestor's tactics. What's important is it could just be Mandarin's word that he is actually related to him. Everyone around him, even Killian believes he is mad. However, he learned from Genghis Khan's mistakes. Is ALWAYS on the lookout for someone trying to betray him, no matter how close/loyal they seem. But he found the rings a long time ago. We don't get to see this backstory play out. It just ties into why the metal alloy they're made out of can absorb energies and then release them. It's not quite vibranium, but an alloy of the Wakandan metal and other rare materials Mandarin believes came from elsewhere. I.e. metals that archaeologists had never dug up before, and only Shield had access to when Captain America's Shield was created.

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