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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 9

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
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I've been hinting this is the route they're taking with Mandarin for a while. He's still very much like his comic book counterpart(s). He collects and uses inspiration from knowledge of many cultures. Studies history, for example during periods of rule, or the warring states period in china. Sees himself as an Emperor, destined to lead as an Emperor and command his army to undo the world. He's obsessed with the past. He uses cultural symbols and a combination of different bits and pieces of cultural tactics to send his messages/carry out his sudden attacks from within. And sees others as soldiers or spies, not heroes. There's a mixture of stuff in there, he's related to Genghis Khan and behaves like a terrorist/Emperor, he was an archaeologist, he did find the rings, but he's also got Extremis based powers for now. He partakes in the fight when he has to, but also pulls the strings. Like his ancestor he's a leader who actually fights in some of the important battles, something he says Americas leaders, and most leaders, don't do. In the movie we'll get hints that he actually did find the rings because he's seeking out more of the rare metal that is mixed into the alloy, allowing them to absorb and store energies. He can use them to control some things infused with extremis, or things that get hacked. For now only Taggert has the ring's fire power. Mandarin believes there is even more ability trapped in the rings, but it lies dormant within the metal. The writing/arabic symbols are more recent and the metal itself is very rare. As a former archaeologist the material they're made up of interests Mandarin. The metal they're made up of is hard to find around the globe in nature. Wakanda is mentioned at the end, the rings and the space suit are both made of vibranium now... This metal has the ability to store energies. Mandarin wholeheartedly believes there is more power trapped in his rings and that the alloy itself is far more ancient and comes from space. He believes it was tempered by atlanteans and contains an ancient force more powerful than what AIM could dig out of it to give to Firepower/Taggert to give his extremis infused form Fire powers... Mandarin himself doesn't get to shoot fire...
thanks for the response. If that's the route they're taking and we see that all pan out over the course of the movie as the Mandarin backstory that would be really neat.

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