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Default Re: Favorite Spider-Man film so far.

Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
But it also shows me that Peter learned nothing in the movie. The lessons of responsibility and learning to see what being Spider-Man actually means is null and void because he pushes his growth to the sideline without as much as a second thought. He literally only follows the promise for like, 5 mins film time. It totally contradicted what he was supposed to learn, IMO. Yet another reason it irked me. It irks me more because it is how the movie ends, so I left the film with a bad taste in my mouth from this scene, which hurt the great death scene Capt. Stacy had.

I think the drama in TASM was very mixed. Some of it worked, some of it sucked. One great example of poor drama was after Spider-Man got shot and was sturggling to get to Oscopr, and the stupid crane montage happened. This wasn't the only piece of poor drama in the film. That said, there were plotlines/moments of drama that were done very well. But, it is offset by me with a lot of crappy decisions they also made.
I wouldn't say him breaking the promise undermines Capt Stacy's death. Peter's a teenager who just became Spider-Man. Yeah at first he wanted to keep his promise to him but after Gwen came over he probably did what any teenager would do: decide that their going to keep being Spider-Man and keep Gwen safe. He hasn't fully grasped the concept of just how much being a hero is a dangerous thing. That's what we're going to see in TASM 2.

Why does everyone rag on the crane scene so much? It wasn't that bad to me.

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