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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
If your standard for quality is 'They need to actually CALL HER Catwoman', I don't really see an argument.

Yes, that is of course our "standard for quality", whatever that it meant to mean.

I don't know why anyone bothers to make that kind of comment. It is so plainly a misrepresentation or misunderstanding of what is being said that it really shouldn't have made it from keyboard to screen.

Originally Posted by RustyCage View Post
I'm pro-subtlety, personally. I don't need gobs of cheese on my sub, covers up the shine of the core ingredients.
You must have found it grating to hear The Joker being called 'The Joker', or Batman being called 'Batman', then.

Are you really willing to strain logic so much to suggest that calling things what they are is 'cheese'?

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