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Originally Posted by tfn View Post
To recieve credit a writer has to show that they originated a certain percentage of a script. I assume that's why Eradicator became K and the Thanagarian Snarebeast is now a Plutonian Gnawbeast or whatever. It's the reason why twenty dudes can work on a script but in the end two guys get story credit and some lady you never heard of gets screenplay credit.
I’m not sure that screenwriters are all that limited in what the can “borrow” from comic book authors. Those authors are almost always in a “work-for-hire” situation - i.e., they don’t own the copyright. So as long as the studio properly licenses the material (and WB owning DC makes that easier) then they have access to pretty much anything. Batman Begins was heavily inspired by The Man Who Falls. But O’Neil received no story credit on the movie.

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