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Default Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
I stood in line knowing Spider-Man 3 would blow, but I saw it anyway; no disappointment there. Iron Man 2, disappointing, but at least there was still the first movie to watch. Green Lantern, however, got me excited for the long-awaited exposure of the rest of the DC universe and the kick-ass characters of Salaak, Kilowog, and above all, Sinestro. That movie wasn't even fun to watch like Iron Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 were (in certain places).
If I hadn't skipped studying for a final to see SM3, I would probably also say Green Lantern. I'm not a Green Lantern fanboy at all, but I feel bad for the fans of that character. You don't want to see a possible franchise end up DOA like that with the first movie.

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