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Originally Posted by DoomsdayApex View Post
What's different about the marketing that TDK, Inception, and TDKR featured? It was virtually the identical formula/template. Call it what you will, but WB did release a teaser in front of TDKR and a full length trailer in front of The Hobbit. That counts as marketing.

With three months to go and WB desperate (more than ever for a hit), I'm not shaking in my boots about what's coming.
TDK and TDKR's are sequels and Inception was the new Matrix and is not a Superhero movie.

We need to be comparing this to 2009's Star Trek, 2005,s Batman Begins and 2006's Superman Returns. You know, reboots?

Usually studios can push a sequel less when the original was successful. So far MOS is being pushed less than sequels like Star Trek 2, Fast 6 and IM3 and even the Hunger Games sequel which comes out in freakin November!

That is odd and super risky. And you keep neglicting to mention that WB was overly confident with the last Superman film and it disappointed and it got good reviews as well.

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