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Default Re: The Official Batman Returns Thread - Part 2

89 was inventive, changed things forever. But I'm not gonna pretend it isn't a bit of a snore at times too. I'm with Tim. The vision was there, but the energy was often lacking.

I would also agree that Returns hasn't aged well. But I'd only really say so regarding the humor, which is a bit too cartoonish. But that's Tim for you, he takes dark things and makes them seem light at times, so it doesn't bother me when I view it as a Burton movie over a strict Batman adaptation.

Other than my having a low tolerance for cartoony humor in Batman, it's great. There are more elements in that movie that stick with me or I find interesting to stew on than in 89. Might just be the romantic in me that has a preference toward Selina above all the other characters in the Burtonverse.

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