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Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
TDK and TDKR's are sequels and Inception was the new Matrix and is not a Superhero movie.
That shouldn't dilute the films' successes in this marketing scheme. Popular sequels have disappointed or flopped before. Genre(s) don't play favorites either.

We need to be comparing this to 2009's Star Trek, 2005,s Batman Begins and 2006's Superman Returns. You know, reboots?
Most casual fans aren't even aware that MOS is a reboot.

Usually studios can push a sequel less when the original was successful. So far MOS is being pushed less than sequels like Star Trek 2, Fast 6 and IM3, that is odd and super risky. And you keep neglicting to mention that WB was overly confident with the last Superman film and it disappointed and itgot good reviews as well.
Returns' WOD wasn't exactly stellar. Singer crafted a film that didn't connect with the modern audience which is why the replay value wasn't a factor. Returns wasn't a bad film whatsoever, but neither was MIB 3.

Star Trek 2 - May 17th
Fast 6 - May 24th
IM3 - May 5th

MOS may not being pushed as in the marketing department as these franchises are but other than a Superbowl spot, I haven't really been blitzed by Iron Man, Klingons, and Fast Cars other than in theaters.

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