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Default Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

For me, the most disappointing comic book movie is TDKR. Although I think it is a major improvement over all over third comic book movies in the sense that it is ok as opposed to sucking blue monkey balls, it is by far the biggest drop in quality I've ever seen from a previous comic book movie.

TDK is one of the greatest movies ever made and Nolan never made a single movie that I considered to be bad or even just average (all my opinion, of course). From the trailers and previews, it looked to me like both a bad sequel and a bad Batman movie. However, I still thought that no matter what, it would be a great movie nonetheless if you were to look at it as just a stand alone movie. I was wrong though. If you told me that TDKR was made by Chris Nolan, I would not believe you.

Superman Returns would be a close second. The first Superman movie in almost 20 years and it was completely boring, dull, and a repetitive clone of the '78 film.

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