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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

And if they didn't? What then? Are they 'disrespecting' it? That's such an irrational conclusion to draw.
If they didn't? Then they've basically missed half the basic point of the character.

Which they did.

That half being that she's not just a catburglar...she's someone with some of the metaphorical attributes of a cat. She's someone who likes and identifies with cats. In omitting THAT, they're further missing half the psychological makeup of Catwoman. That this is a woman damaged enough to A, emulate a "Batman" in the first place, and B, to adopt a new identity and to immerse herself in this sort of a self made mythology, and WHY she does that from a psychological and social standpoint.

And yes, in the movie, I know she's not supposed to be those things. In the movie, she's only remotely "Catwoman" because she's a cat burglar and because we all know who she's supposed to be because we know the concept of Catwoman from previous Batman stories.

In my mind, Nolan only presented about a third of what makes Selina Kyle an interesting character. They missed the chance to connect her that much more to Batman, to really explore their parallells and differences and connection to a concept.

Not "going there", for lack of a better term is one more reminder that they're just scratching the surface of the character and her potential to be interesting and relevant to the overall concepts of the Batman mythology, either because they don't understand the character, or because they're, on some level, ashamed of her trappings.

The whole, "she happens to look vaguely catlike when her goggles are raised" thing? Yeah, that's no less "cutesy" and "cartoony" and convenient than calling her "Catwoman" because she wants to be associated as such.

So what if they did name a couple of villains? They didn't have to, and the point would still be clear in many cases.
So...the creators obviously cared enough to have those villains own/adopt these new identities, a major theme of this franchise. There's even a whole scene devoted to it in BATMAN BEGINS with Crane. Whereas Selina just seems to be wearing black leather and cat's ear goggles...because its fashionable, I guess.

Heck, as far as names go, in Bane's case, I'd bet that most people don't even know what "bane" means. It's not a very commonly used word. For all they know, that's just the character's name.

I feel that while The Joker and Bane make the respective characters more ominous (largely because they don't have real identities underneath as Selina and Dent do), there are times when giving them a name does not have that effect, and is more of just a cute gimmick.
This is the problem as I see it. Those "cute gimmicks" do not have to be portrayed as only a gimmick, any more than Batman dressing as a bat should just be Batman arbitrarily dressing as a bat, with no deeper significance to his character and the mythology. Those "gimmicks", as you call them. are the elements that form the core of the Batman mythology, and always have been. And they're some of the most unique things about the characters.

Catwoman is one of those cases. Two-Face at least was explained as a nickname based on his reputation.
And Catwoman's nickname couldn't be a nickname based on her reputation?

And even so, they don't go around calling him "TWO-FACE!! Hey, put down the gun, Two-Face!" for the rest of the movie (looking at you, Batman Forever). They still call him Harvey.
And no one's asking to have her called "Catwoman" all the time. No one's even saying it's neccessary for her to be called "Catwoman" in the film.

I get the whole "I'm Batman" thing not working so well. And, like Batman, Scarecrow, etc, there's no reason she has to name herself "Catwoman", either.

You could take the 'her reputation names her' approach to Catwoman as well, but it's more likely that they'd just refer to her as a cat burglar than come up with a counterpart name to Batman.
Is it? This is a woman who is essentially in costume in a more grounded world. I would imagine that in a world with "Batman", it wouldn't be too hard for the press to run with "Catwoman" if a woman dressed in a catlike motif appeared on the scene.

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