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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
I agree about the balcony Mansion scene.

Really? I actually prefer the Deathstrike fight to Nightcrawler (especially nowadays). The CGI and Slow mo-bullet time technique looks very outdated for half of Nightcrawler's fight. Deathstrike was one of the most brutal comic fights I've seen, and def the best choreographed one on one fight in the whole X series. Thought it was very well done and Directed. To each their own I guess.
Yeah, I never got into it. I imagine Wolverine fights to be very brutal, but without the "graceful" look we got with the over-use of wirework that was present in both the Sabretooth and Deathstroke fight. I also never liked that they didn't show Logan as a man who has extensive martial arts skills.

Basically, I imagine my Wolverine fighting like a Jason Bourne with claws. Brutal and efficient. But when he loses control, showcasing that bestial side that can be completely vicious. The fights were never visceral enough for me. And I'm not talking about blood/gore. Just the style and choreography.


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