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Originally Posted by cph9fa View Post
This is addressed on page 2 of this RDJ interview:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
The Tony Stark character is very linked to you. Thatís not to say they couldnít one day recast the role Ė

RDJ: Iím sure theyíve thought about it. I feel like I got sold to Disney for $4 billion.

Does the fact that youíre so connected make you want to stay around as long as you can?

RDJ: Yeah, but, quiet as itís kept, thatís how Iíve always been. The thing about playing this kind of inherent narcissist, whenever you kill one of Tonyís egos, another one just pops up. Iíve had that experience, but Iíve found the whole thing to be a very quieting journey for me. Itís been remarkably humbling. You realize youíre just kind of part of this thing. I think the problems begin when any one person involved in anything ó particularly anything successful ó decides that they have some sense of ownership to it. This is really something that Stan Lee scratched down going on 50 years now. He touched on something really, really cool with Iron Man and, strangely, Iron Man was sort of second-tier superhero who laid the groundwork for these other guys and gals. Where Iím at right now is that Iíve always thought of myself ó particularly since Iíve been married to this high-functioning Jewish girl from the Midwest ó I think of myself as being a company man. I like showing up and I like doing press. I like being able to say, ďIím going to take a break because I donít want to burn out.Ē I donít want to be doing a roundtable or a press conference and have people say, ďHe looks tired!Ē I want to be there. I want to communicate and kind of experience this. The funny thing is that, though I can be quick-witted, I tend to have a slow take experientially for things. These five or six years have not been enough time for me to process what has happened.

It seems that you must getting towards the end of whatever contract you originally signed. Are you going to sign on for several more or will you take it one at a time?

RDJ: I donít know. I honestly get uncomfortable with leverage. I was annoyed for awhile about having a contract where, in success, not very much changes for you. But then I got to thinking, ďWhat was I really doing before I got ĎIron Maní?Ē Then I think, ďDonít lead with that, Robert! Youíre a big prime mover!Ē I go, ďYeah, yeah, yeah.Ē I get that. I can talk about that for two hours. But Iím a big believer in being really straight and saying, ďOkay, letís really look at this.Ē I not going to pretend Iím over it and whatever. Obviously, itís better to have a contract run out than it is to have one go on indefinitely. But I guess thatís why contracts have limits on them. Letís just say that me, the agents and the lawyers are having a bit of a ball right now. I donít like this whole ó and I think itís a particularly Western thing. Well, maybe not anymore, because weíre being outpaced by the east business-wise ó of ďWeíve got him! Letís screw him to the floor!Ē Is that what gets you off? Making people feel bad? It shouldnít be, ďMan, they really put the screws to us, brother.Ē Itís like, ďWerenít we excited about the future a couple of years ago. Now weíre just laying the boots to each other. Itís just so digesting. Iím an artist!

It sounds like they're working it out, and he wants to do it, but is maybe a bit frustrated with the process.

Well, let's just all hope for the best and that Marvel is able to get him back for at least 2 more films, Avengers wise.

Marvel Studios should just stop playing cheap already and just do whatever they can to get Downey on board for the next two Avengers' films.

I think once the big three are done with their three solo films and three Avenger films, then it'd be a good time to move on with new actors.

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