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Default Re: Scoring Days of Future Past - The Soundtrack/Music Thread

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
John Ottman has said that he regrets that he often doesn't get a chance to do a follow-up/sequel to a previous film's score to "push motifs further" as he put it. He had a chance to do it with the Fantastic Four movies. That said, I don't believe he is going to completely abandon the First Class theme because it's popular. I can see him weaving that in for scenes set in 1973 with the younger mutants.

But I believe his MAIN theme will be the one he introduced in 2003 for X2: X-Men United.

And he should. Opening the film with it will be amazing and nostalgic, putting audiences and fanboys in a certain mood of anticipation of what's to come, considering what's already come before.
Agree. To use the X2 theme again, even if its a new version, would be really special for all the fans, and it would make us all feel that this is a "franchise", something bigger year after year, and more iconic as time passes. And the use of that same theme would make the general audience to get more familiar with it in the upcoming years, so that would be a really smart thing, I believe. The more times they use it on the future, the more iconic it will be, the more familiar the general audience will be with the franchise, the more special the audience would feel it too.

Star Wars has an iconic theme, Superman too, I think its time X-men franchise gets his iconic theme finally and year after year becomes the GREAT, Epic and Iconic franchise it should be.

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