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Default Re: MCU Tony Stark as a futurist

So apparently no one knew what I'm talking about. Therefore I'm going to attempt the list myself. Please feel free to add on. I assume IM3 will bring to light much more of these.

So, starting with the most basic, Tony creates the:
IM mk I to defeat terrorists who are using his own weapons.
IM mk II to perfect flight after crashing in the desert.
IM mk III after testing the altitude record and discovering an icing problem.
IM mk V when he realizes Iron Monger attacked with little warning and he had to suit up at home before flying there to meet him (expending a lot of power)
IM mk VI after almost dying from the Palladium core and the discovery of a new element
IM mk VII after the battle with the Hammer Drones including multi-target missles and a more rapid deployment feature.

Iron Legion after the battle with the Chitauri
Brute armor after seeing Hulk in action
Destroyer armor after hacking the SHIELD database
the ability to call the armor to him mentally after seeing Thor do it with his hammer.

etc. etc. etc.

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