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Interview with ĎKick-Assí creator Mark Millar: ĎHit-Girl is one of the most objectionable characters in Daily Mail historyí
Originally Posted by Neela Debnath
What else do you have coming out this year?

I have a book coming out called The Secret Service and Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman are turning that into a movie in the early part of the summer. Itís going to be a spy movie based on the book that Iíve done. Itís like Pygmalion meets James Bond which is all about a young London rioter who gets mentored by a James Bond figure and turns into one of the greatest secret service agents. Heís told to get rid of his JJB sports clothing, things like that and taught about food and fine wine and how to be like James Bond. Itís Pretty Woman for boys essentially. At the end of the year Iím doing a movie called Nemesis for Fox based on a book I did last year like what if Batman was a bad guy? Like a billionaire who does terrible things in a costume. Itís non-stop.

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