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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

I don't want to see the 70's Wolverine because we've already seen so many movies of the pre-Xmen, looking for answers, Wolverine.

No need to see Wolverine get a crash-course on mutation and the Xmen twice in one series.

I'd rather watch a Wolverine who's already gone through all that development; ya know, if we had to choose between the two.

Having a second chance, doing things differently with Jean and Scott, could provide a fitting conclusion to the character.
Perhaps the caveat with time-travel is that it causes his mind to degrade, something even he can't heal from, which would truly kill him. He sacrifices his own survival, which he has been blessed/cursed with, for the survival of the human/mutant species. Perfect send off for Jackman and the character.

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