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Default Re: Lack of Action? Iron Man 2 over again?

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
Just doing a little harmless trolling to the obvious troll article. Sue me, I'm bored and got a laugh out of it.

uhmm... I literally have no idea where that bolded part comes from. I don't think I've ever even talked about IM2 on these boards. And to address the rest there's no way of telling IM3 will be a flop. Unless you have a time machine or can see the future it's impossible. Also it's the first Marvel movie following Avengers which if you don't recall was HUGE... so I can assume with a fair amount of accuracy that this will also be a financial success. Anyways for sure done flaming with you here.. way to ruin all the fun
I did not say IM3 flop.
Iron Man 3 is not going to flop, but the question is how good it is going to be?

Its view that you ignore the facts.

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