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Originally Posted by titansupes View Post
I've been freaking out over the last couple of days, thinking this may not hit the target.
The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? documentary is now funded! So this feature film documentary of Superman Lives is definitely happening.

And it's gone over the $98,000 pledge goal. It's at $98,334 right now, with four days left.

Jon Schnepp has revealed, "I just got word from that the one and only Kevin Smith is totally in to be 'in' this Documentary, and will talk with me and be interviewed for the feature film!!! So very very happy about this news!! Giant Spiders, anyone? Hell yes!!! I've got a lot of people working on this project with me, and here is a little picture preview of the Brainiac Skull Ship!!!, being sculpted right now by the very talented Cig Neutron!!! I've got a video update to finish!! Thanks again everyone!!! Talk soon!!!"

So already Kevin Smith and Wesley Strick have confirmed, Tim Burton has shown he's interested. Grant Morrison is also confirmed.

Half-man, half-bat.

On AMC Mondays.

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