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Default Re: Scoring Days of Future Past - The Soundtrack/Music Thread

Originally Posted by Asteroid-Man View Post
For the most part I hated the theme from TLS. It was too cluttered and borrowed too much from other films. The only theme I DID like from it was the Phoenix Theme and even that was just a rip-off of the Zorro theme.
Agree to disagree. I think the X2 title is just boring and the X Men were worthy of a grander theme. Especially at the time it came out. Didnt come close to the themes of othe CB movies like Supes or Batman. I think Ottman is capable of writing a better theme as well. Overall it's grown on me a bit over the years, but I still hate the title music.

I really dug how X3 was more of an Adventure sounding scrore. It felt much larger in scope. I can see some of the resemblance to Horners Mask Of Zorro Theme, but to me the Phoenix has more of a Egyptian type sound then Spanish which I thought was suiting. Theres some similarities, but I would not call it a rip off. If it was used as influence, it wouldn't bother me one bit. I love the Mask Of Zorro soundtrack haha.

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