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Default Re: Lack of Action? Iron Man 2 over again?

Originally Posted by FreedomFreeLife View Post
Iron Man 1 was different. It was origin movie.
Iron Man 1 running time - 126 min
Iron Man 2 running time - 125 min
Iron Man 3 running time - 140 min

Iron Man 3 those explosives scenes does not look like action scenes at all. Just blowing stuff up, but thats what people not want. I want real action scenes, but looks like all the action is going to be end of movie.
Also ending reminds me a little bit Iron Man 2 again, so many Iron Man robots. Comon... give us something new... Why we have to see all the time enemy in Iron Man suit/robots? How about some awesome enemy?
The enemy is not "iron man robots" they are extremis super soldiers, did you even watch the trailer? Did you not see one of iron Man's suits being flipped by a man? Dd you not hear tony say HIS boys are here?

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