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Default Re: The "Keep Hope Alive" (that the rights can revert back to Marvel) thread

Originally Posted by fangz View Post
I'm confused too, because in this thread I'm reading things about people trading the merchandizing rights around. But say if Fox owns merchandising rights to X-Men, does that only apply to specifically an X-Men First Class T-shirt, for example? like, in this case, they wouldn't get money for a Wolverine T-shirt right?

or does it actually work like that? I can't imagine any amount of money that would make Marvel sell the actual complete merchandising rights to X-Men or Spider-Man. how does this stuff work?
It's extremely confusing. The only Marvel merchandising agreement that was somewhat transparent was the Spider-man joint venture with Sony. And that was only came to light due to a lawsuits filed back in 2003.

In any case, my understanding is that while merchandising profits for X-Men and FF movie merchandise (not yellow suited comic Wolverine) must be shared between Marvel and Fox, Disney/Marvel controls the process. That is, Disney can put as much (or as little) product in stores as they see fit. Back before the Disney purchase Marvel's major source of revenue was merchandising, and it would have seemed very unlikely for the company to close off a revenue stream from the sale of X-Men and FF related items.

This changed with the Disney purchase and the success of Marvel studios. Disney/Marvel is wisely focusing on properties they own outright, such as Avengers, Spider-man (Disney paid $287 million to purchase Sony's share of the Spider-man Joint Venture), and coming soon, Guardians of the Galaxy. Disney/Marvel is not going to clear space on store shelves for FF and X-Men merchandise when a portion of the proceeds (maybe) going to FOX.

This is, potentially, the best leverage Disney/Marvel has for gaining back film rights, or at least cutting a better deal with FOX. FOX is losing out on a major revenue stream and losing out on promotion for upcoming projects like DOFP and FF, and the projects are unlikely to have the worldwide visibility of the MCU films without it. Given the strong merchandising effort supporting the first two FF films, it gives me hope that an agreement will be reached between Disney and FOX to have the FF rebooted within the MCU.

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