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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Franklin is Reed and Sue Richard's son. In the comics, as Franklin's powers in the FF book had never really been explored at the time (had been hinted at, but he was and for the foreseeable future will ever will be a kid), they had the adult Franklin killed off very quickly in DOFP to avoid treading on the toes of future FF writers.

Since then it's now known that an adult Franklin will be extremely powerful (Omega level and then some). Even the young Franklin was powerful enough to create an entire universe after Onslaught (Heroes Reborn). A future Franklin has been shown to be immortal and can command Galactus like a pet.

For DOFP's purposes, it's best to assume he has been powered down considerably for some unseen reason whilst growing up, as a fully powered Franklin could take out the Sentinels all on his own otherwise.

Edit: Just to add., Rachel Summers is also Scott and Jean's daughter. The reason she was in the story, even though Jean had been killed just a few issues before, is that the decision to kill Jean off was a late one (the pages for the original ending where she lived had already been pencilled) and John Byrne, who was the one who plotted DOFP (this one was his idea) had already planned the story out with Rachel in it.


I think maybe Singer replaced Franklin and Rachel Summers with Iceman and Rogue.

Franklin is from FF and since Fox is rebooting FF, unlikely the character is in the film.

Rachel Summers- even less likely cause in Movieverse, we never see Scott and Jean get married, and Jean died in X3 before she even gets pregnant by Scott

I'm fine with Ice Man....but Rogue is just......

Unless she has the power of flight and superhuman strength, Rogue is rather useless in battle scenes.

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