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Default Re: The "Keep Hope Alive" (that the rights can revert back to Marvel) thread

Originally Posted by fangz View Post
Casius---J = well, now see the Super Skrull was the one Skrull related property that I heard Marvel was NOT allowed to use. which would make sense because it's a Skrull with the powers of the FF, who they don't have cinematic rights to...

what you're saying doesn't make sense to me becuz the Skrulls weren't in FF2. so what's the restriction that you're talking about? there's no Skrulls.
Well in defense of Casius J's theory that Fox may not fully own the Super Skrull just the powers because the Super Skrull is in fact a Skrull none the less. So I give some credence to the theory of how Fox/Tim Story used Johnny in ROTSS to mimic a Super Skrull when he merged the FF's powers to defeat "Doom Surfer"..

and i think that whoever wrote that Hollywood Reporter piece, there's something about it that just points to them pulling a little too much out of their own ass. Cuz the whole thing is worded pretty unclearly about how much their source actually said. Like the reporter is the one adding on the stuff about Kree, Skrull and negative zone.

I can't see how Fox would have any right to do the Kree. God, this stuff has gotta be spelled out in the contract, I wish someone would just leak that. It'd answer so many questions in places like this.
I think it's Fox posturing if you ask me.. This movie if made it is almost sure to lose money and it was made just to keep Marvel away from the rights. Like I've said before that making this movie is like re-buying the rights or better yet purchasing an additional 7 year extension from Marvel being they'll have to recoup their own losses maybe worse then Disney had to with John Carter

'm confused too, because in this thread I'm reading things about people trading the merchandizing rights around. But say if Fox owns merchandising rights to X-Men, does that only apply to specifically an X-Men First Class T-shirt, for example? like, in this case, they wouldn't get money for a Wolverine T-shirt right?

or does it actually work like that? I can't imagine any amount of money that would make Marvel sell the actual complete merchandising rights to X-Men or Spider-Man. how does this stuff work?
Fox only has rights to produce,market and distribute the films. All merchandising relating to ANY Marvel characters period are Marvels which means that Marvel would be the one to manufacture, distribute and or partner with ie Mattel Toys merchandise related to the Movies. Since Marvel is now doing their own movies they will merchandise their own movies (and with Sony's with Spider-Man based on that merchandising deal) they don't have to now or really want to merchandise any movie products that will benefit another now rival movie studio. Thats why though there were toys related to the first three X-Men and 2 FF there were none for Fox Produced movies after 2008 when Marvel and Paramount released IM..

Edit: And to add, I think that there was a deal in place with Fox related with merchandising Marvel characters tie in with the movies but Marvel is in the drivers seat and Fox can never merchandise anything related to their Marvel movies without the full consent from Marvel

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