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Default Re: The "Keep Hope Alive" (that the rights can revert back to Marvel) thread

Originally Posted by Dr Tactics View Post
I think it's Fox posturing if you ask me.. This movie if made it is almost sure to lose money and it was made just to keep Marvel away from the rights. Like I've said before that making this movie is like re-buying the rights or better yet purchasing an additional 7 year extension from Marvel being they'll have to recoup their own losses maybe worse then Disney had to with John Carter
I simply don't see how this film becomes a box office success. For the first FF films, Fox experienced a significant drop off (12.5% per Box Office Mojo) in worldwide box office with the sequel, despite a 30% budget increase. Add in the inevitable reboot decrease of 15% or so, the lack of merchandising revenue, and the outlook is looking grimmer. Then you add in the increased production costs of a CGI Thing, a Negative Zone, and simply to keep the reboot from being as cheap looking as the initial duology.

Then you add to this a release date just 56 days before the Avengers and the film is going to be buried in A2 hype. Only the most ardent fans are going to see two Marvel superhero team up films within two months, and a large number of those fans are upset the FF doesn't get to play with their pals in the MCU. You add to that toxic mix a very green, although talented director, and this has the makings of a disaster. Hopefully FOX realizes this soon and Disney/Marvel and FOX can reach a deal to reboot the FF in their rightful film universe.

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