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I'm quite a pages in and I'm gonna sound like I'm losing my marbles here after what I've said but I've found myself getting lost in this script. Other than my complaints regarding the dialogue, I'm really into this. The Superman Doomsday fight is awesome and I'm finding myself wishing they had made this just cause the of the kick ass action scenes.

Its weird I like certain events of the film and I think Clark, Lois, Jimmy and Perry are all fairly well written but I feel the Lex Luthor dialogue is severly lacking and he really does come across as Brainiac's sidekick. Brainiac for me isn't a greatly written character in this either but he's better than Lex. Still though I could have lived with this version of Lex rather than another land scheme version.

Of course if I could make cast changes I'd like I'd have had Jim Caviezal as Superman bumping Nic Cage into the Jor El role. Of course that wouldn't have happened but I'd have preferred that. I do find myself struggling to find the right voice for K though.



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