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Default Re: The "Keep Hope Alive" (that the rights can revert back to Marvel) thread

You know Trank, I think, could be great for it. And i'm saying this becuz of the end of Chronicle especially...
Becuz we see Doom in past movies and in the comics even, tossing around energy bolts and ranting about this and that but it never really resonates I think, they way it did when that kid was tearing up the hospital downtown.

That was heavy stuff, partly becuz we witnessed this kid's descent, but also just the craziness and horror of it no matter his backstory. It was truly the uncomfortable expression of what would happen if the human will was given power and allowed to be unleashed. And if we could get a Doom with even half that weight in a movie, I think that'd be a heavy thing. scary. cuz Doom's way worse than that kid, haha. Doom's hell bent and chosen to embrace his own inner monstrosity.

But besides that, Chronicle was a story about these 3 particular kids and how they dealt with this meteor thing. It wasn't like a story about some everyman, it was very particular and made it obvious that it was. and that's another reason why I can see him being great for FF, becuz I think he would see them as 4 individual weird people that ended up kind of bound together by this accident. I guess I mean that he wouldn't just default any of them to some stereotypical role in a dysfunctional family. Which is the pitfall with a movie like the FF, is like too much sitcom, not enough real dynamic.

Too much just doesn't add up about this movie tho, like it's been mentioned, how are they gonna spend enough money for a good Thing? Reed's pretty expensive I think also, to get right. And just a bunch of stuff doesn't seem like it's being revealed the same way other movies are, there's something weird about it. Definitely, and I'm starting to get attached to Trank being the director so it's not just that I'm trying to wish and hope it dies back to Marvel.

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