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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Why does it not make sense? Does a cop need to give his wife a bulletproof vest and some heavy firepower just because his job might endanger her life? Or a soldier? Or a spy? Does Spider-Man need to get a radioactive spider to bite Mary Jane to give her superpowers, because of all the danger he puts her in? Or Superman need to put Lois Lane into an impenetrable bubble to keep her safe from all his enemies?
I was simply browsing this ridiculous thread and felt a need to respond to this.

Having been both in the military and law enforcement, I cannot even begin to express how wrong you are in your sentiments above, when you look at it in context.

Soldiers/Spies - Their fights are usually away from where their loved ones are, but you BET their families WILL be armed and as armored as they can possibly be if the fight somehow reached their doorsteps.

Law Enforcement - Although they are in the local community, again, their battles are usually away from home. With that being said, most LEOs I know with families more often than not train their families how to defend their homes. They usually do this by training responsible family members with firearms, and making sure that these same family members know how to access the said firearms and bulletproof vests/shields as they apply. They also teach outside awareness to the same family members for when they aren't home and might be targeted.

In daily mundane life, yes they won't be as armed or armored as their serving family members, but the context here is imminent danger.

Considering they already showed Pepper being IN a blast, I'd only think of Tony as utterly stupid if he DIDN'T design some kind of system to protect Pepper. The path of least resistance right now is armor, or a robot bodyguard. But a bodyguard won't necessarily protect her from blasts.

You might have some purist vendetta against Pepper getting an armor, but there's less of you than there are standard, non-comic-immersed movie-viewers who'd think the same way I would in regards to the logic of armoring Pepper. Considering that it ACTUALLY happened in the comics makes it tilt even further away from your arguments.

I'm sorry if I just repeated someone else's sentiments here, as I haven't read past the post I just quoted and responded to.

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