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Default Re: 2012/2013 NBA thread: My Team is Better Than Your Team! - Part 2

Originally Posted by BatSpider View Post
The injury Rondo got from Wade during the playoffs is still the most despicable thing i've seen in basketball.
The most despicable thing? Are you being serious right now? What about Andrew Bynum leveling an airborne JJ Barea? Reggie Evans squeezing Chris Kaman’s nuts from behind? Kobe elbowing Mike Millers throat head on? Ron Artest nearly knocking James Harden out cold with an elbow? Even if D-Wade intentionally tripped Rondo, which I kinda do think happened because the ball was already out of bounds by the time they tripped, and also because Rondo’s a bit of a d*** anyways, it’s not like he planned to dislocate the guy’s elbow! No way you can find tripping someone tangled with and pulling at you worse (or more despicable) than leveling someone in mid-air or clocking someone in the throat intentionally with one of the sharpest bones on the human body.

D-Wade has always come off as a stand his ground type of dude to me like when he collided with Darren Collison in the playoffs. To me that was a “Get the **** outta my way!” move (He WAS running full speed and cut off by him) or shoving Rip Hamilton to the floor for swinging his elbows at him (even though Rip of course made Wade look 12x stronger by flopping back). Some of those plays remind me of ones like with Kobe shoving Raja Bell out of his space when they got tangled up once. You can either look at that as dirty or just being “hard”. You do have players calling every other player ‘soft’ in this league, right? I think dirty is the wrong word for Wade. Dirty suits someone more like KG who will throw elbows, set illegal screens, and talk about your dead parents during a game. Wade’s just not gonna come off as a little b**** when it comes to getting physical in a game. I think if Wade was truly dirty we would have heard about a lot more incidents with him.


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