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Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Why do so many fans assume that these characters must die after a few appearances? Iron Man's 50th anniversary is this year and it's safe to assume that he'll be around for at least fifty more. Why would Marvel kill off its most popular character (in the MCU)? Because he's played after three solo films? That's hardly the case.

Tony Stark has fifty years of history to mine for new cinematic adventures. There is no need to kill him off when he has so many possibilities open for exploration.
A) it's very impactful to the story (characters have to die)
B) it makes room for new characters
C) it completes character arcs and resolves loose ends

They will reboot all of this sooner or later, I think they are on Phase 2 now. I would guess they have 3 phases planned to span 3 decades. Iron Man can't and shouldn't be the lead for 30 years. At some point he had to be retired ala death or literal retirement. I would rather no more Iron Man if RDJ left. He's just perfect and I want time to pass before we see a new Iron Man. Whoring out characters is bad in the long run.

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