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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 4

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
If they are trying to build a franchise with continuity and a sense of an expanded world, then just dropping characters doesn't really work unless their arc ends or they are written out by the events of the film.

It doesn't really say 'sequel' if a character is absent with no explanation.

Let's have an explanation at least. What's Fassbender's Magneto been doing all this time then? And why did he go to such lengths to break out Emma to fill what he said was the gap in his life, as he says himself. He might as well have left her in captivity.
I understand your point (and I personally want to see Emma again) but this is set 10 YEARS after First Class. A LOT can happen in ten years. Her absence would be understandable and it does nothing to detract from the series as a whole in terms of continuity. They could very well write her out of the story with a line. Besides Emma doesn't appear in the original trilogy at all so we wouldn't necessarily need to know what happened.

Yes Magneto broke her out of prison and offered her a place on his team but again this is ten year's later she could have served the purpose that he wanted her for. And again he could explain that with one line of dialogue.

I think if Emma isn't in this then Fox might say she is on a mission researching stryker, and that's where she gets captured and Wolverine comes save her. To fix the problem with XMO wolverine. or maybe she's dead

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