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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 10

Originally Posted by protocida View Post
Reposting speculation.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Tony has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and keeps making suits. Stark Industries is working with A.I.M, which is run by Aldrich Killian, and announces the creation of the Extremis Virus made by Tony's old flame Dr. Maya Hansen.

Tony goes to China and gets Extremis injected into himself by Dr. Wu, and I believe he sabotages the procedure. Tony gets back to America, and makes the Mark 42. Pepper isn't much happy about it. Meanwhile, Killian is secretly producing Extremis soldiers for The Mandarin. Rhodes' War Machine is turned into the Iron Patriot.

The Mandarin announces that he'll bomb the Grauman Chinese Theater, which he does, injuring Happy Hogan in the process. Tony creates the H.A.P.Py suit before Happy dies, and calls out The Mandarin. Meanwhile, Maya finds out Killian might have been using the Extremis in shady stuff and goes to inform Tony when the Mandarin bombs his house, although Tony, Pepper and Maya survive.

The President declares war on The Mandarin, and the Iron Patriot is called to provide security for Air Force One. However, it's actually Jack Taggert in the armor, and Eric Savin is infiltrated in the staff. They sabotage the plane just as Tony finds out Rhodes in not in the armor. He goes, saves some of the staff, but the President is killed and The Mandarin disables Tony's suit just as he's passing Tennessee.

Tony ends up in the Davis' family barn, where he meets Harley and his mom. Meanwhile, Rhodes begins to investigate Killian with Maya's help, and Pepper is kidnapped by Killian and taken to the AIM hideout at the construction site, where Killian, Savin and Taggart become Extremis Soldiers.

Tony gets his suit working, returns to America and meets with Maya, who fixes the Extremis in his bloodstream. Tony and Rhodes then infiltrate AIM and rescue Pepper. Tony summons the Iron Legion and gets inside the Heartbreaker. Big battle between the Iron Legion and the Extremis Soldiers. H.A.P.Py is destroyed, Heartbreaker is destroyed, so Tony pieces together another one, and finally the Extremis armor, defeating Killian. Pepper dons the Rescue armor, and eventually Savin and Taggert are defeated as well.

Maya disables all Extremis technology, and Tony dons the revisited Mark I to confront The Mandarin at his palace is Villa Vicayza. The Mandarin is defeated and imprisioned. Happy ending, Tony and Pepper reunite, Maya goes her own way, Rhodes gets back to being War Machine.
Very good. I think you're almost perfectly on target.
One loose string, though:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Maya is shown in an official screenshot sitting pretty and looking smug at the actual AIM shipyard. (It's a shipyard, not a construction site, btw; and it's located in South Florida, near Miami.) Safe money says she actually betrays Tony, and has been playing him for a sucker the whole film. Yes, she turns off the Extremis armors, but to *hurt* Tony, not *help* him. She was actually a villain in the comic, and she likely will be in the movie, too.


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