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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
I preferred Anne since her Selina wasn't crazy. And I'm as much "girl power" as the next feminist, but I'm much more of a fan of "showing not telling." TDKR's Selina was badass without having to say it or be ostentatious about it. In fact, most of the time she pretended she was helpless and then whupped ass when everyone least expected it.

Michelle's Selina is obviously more iconic because it was so over-the-top.
Anne's acting was cringeworthy in that scene. As it was the whole movie. Her character was not believable in the slightest.

Michelle was over the top, but the emotional journey her character went through made it seem more real. She had a better motivation. And the whole love/hate thing with Batman I definitely think was done better.

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
It was just more interesting, really. Anne's Selina is more of a cipher. She is, on the whole, bland apart from some oddly expressed flirtatious comments. Pfieffer's Catwoman might be considered to be more sexualised, but she was built into a narrative of rebirth and empowerment. Though dated, she doesn't really feel like male wish fulfillment to the same extent as Anne's, who comes accross merely as a thin woman in tight spandex who bends over motorcycles a lot.
Pfieffer's Catwoman had a complex sexuality which wasn't just sassiness, which was all that Hathaway's Catwoman was.

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I think it's easy enough to just chalk this one up to taste. Both were great Catwomen that fit their respective films like a glove.

In terms of sexiness, they were equal to me but just sexy in different ways. When Anne says "Still don't trust me, huh. How can we change that?"...the suggestiveness of that line and her delivery of it is just as hot to me as when Michelle licks Keaton's face. Anne's Catwoman was clearly a sexual being but she was just more subtle about it. And that made it even more tantalizing, while being tasteful.
Anne Hathaway overplayed it and so wasn't sexy at all to me. That fake sassiness was obviously out of character for her and it felt awkward. Michelle had a more real sexuality, that didn't seem forced unlike with Hathaway.

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
I don't like the face-lick scene to be honest. I'm always like "ew, gross, Catwoman licked the bottom of Batman's nose..."
What's the matter with ya? That's the most red-blooded, hot sexual scene in any comic book movie, ever.

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