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Default Re: Man Of Steel - Gifs/Avvy Thread

If you are trying to resize there are a couple of ways that return the best results.

I use photoshop, but I've heard there are plenty of other programs that work just as well if not better.

1. Crop the image so that it is a perfect square that way when you resize to 50x50 or 100x100 etc it will be the exact same size all around and will not distort later.
2. Type in the pixel sizes in the image or canvas (I use image) in the tabs above.

Or you can...
1. Resize image based on L or W (whichever is bigger) to the max dimension you can have. For example if the original image is 264x130 then resize to LxW to 100x? whatever the width comes out to. That way the dominant side is at the max the avatar can be and will fit.

2. You do not need to crop after doing this because one side will be the max dimensions allowed and the other side will be smaller depending on if you want a portrait or landscape look.

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