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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I'm not gonna continue this discussion anymore. Wolverine is not even my favorite X-Men character but I'm not gonna think that they wouldn't give him a big role just so the underdeveloped characters or the characters that we haven't seen that much to get their shining moment. You are just gonna be disappointed when you see this film and Wolverine still has a very prominent role in the movie.
no i'm expecting wolverine to have a big role but then with such a huge cast you can't say wolverine will rise above them all, but im also expecting brian to Realise that actually there are so many characters to touch on that wolverine may have to take a back seat abit more then he used too which wouldn't matter anyway because jackman has his spin off films

IGN: When you think about it, it’s possible to come out of this movie with three separate branches of the X-Men franchise: the First Class time period, the original X-Men time period that you created and now the alternate timeline/universe that X-Men: Days of Future Past will delve into. The alternate universe timeline could exist on its own. Is that a possibility coming out of this?

Singer: Yes, I think so, but I think it’s even bigger than that. I think that if you really examine the X-Men universe it’s every bit as big as the Marvel universe. There are lesser characters, but if you take certain characters there are a myriad of films you could make, and stories you could tell, with these characters as individuals. Wolverine being one of them, and that’s currently being done. But you could really mine this universe. I’m glad to return to it and I’d like to get more involved in it because it hasn’t really been orchestrated – somewhat with the Wolverine pictures – but I think there is a lot more that one can do.
i think they will give him screen time that works for the story and not just screen time for the sake of it, because he is the face of the franchise

brian really hasn't learnt anything if he makes wolverine the be all and end all again

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