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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

- no more growly voice, Batman was talking normal to Rachel in the cave in Batman Begins I don't know why he switched it in TDK and TDKR.

- people complain about the lack of detective skills but did we all forget how he got the fingerprints from the shattered bullet? he was able to recognize the symptoms of the poppy seeds from Scarecrow's hallucinogen, he discovered Selina Kyle's background off the dust prints from his private safe.

- a true Batmobile, the Tumbler is a great vehicle but I can say that many want to see the sleek and sexy Batmobile make an appearance.

- better choreographed fight scenes, (no more shaky cam) Batman vs. Bane was a step in the right direction but that was more of a brawl than a better representation of Batman's fighting skills.

- more interaction with Gordon, aside from Alfred and Lucius there aren't many other trustworthy people in Gotham that Bats needs all the help he can get.

- none of the Bat-family, sorry I know many a generation love to have Robin show up but I prefer Batman as a loner, if Robin needs to show up have it only as a last minute back up.

hmm that's more than 5 I know but hey nobody is perfect.

A few of the Marvel Superheroes are somewhat niche characters that aren't extremely versatile, thus they don't have a lot of longevity potential. For example, Namor is a water guy, Silver Surfer is a space guy, Dr. Strange is a magic guy, and so on.
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