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Default Re: Your top 5 things that needs to be "fixed" for the Batman reboot

I agree with everyone who wants Batman to become a better detective in the reboot. Batman should be the person who figures everything out, instead of relying on Alfred, Lucius and Gordon for information. One of the strongest aspects of the '89 Batman was that Bruce figured out what the Joker was up to on his own, using his skills as a detective and chemist. That sort of forensic brilliance is one of Batman's strengths, or it should be.

In the '89 movie Batman also created all of his own gadgets and tech, instead of having everything handed to him by Lucius by way of Wayne Enterprises scientists. He built his own Batmobile, created his suit and all of his gear without ever relying on anyone else for assistance. Relying on Lucius to supply his tech undermined Batman quite a bit, IMO, and as such it should be avoided in the future. Another benefit of having Bruce create his own materiel is that he won't have to reveal his identity to anyone else. Batman is supposed to be a somewhat mysterious figure. Having everyone and his brother know his secret identity takes away from that.

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