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Actually, I heard Nicholson was Kevin Smith's choice for Luthor. While I doubt he was approached, it's highly likely he was thought of for Luthor when Burton was on board, not for K. As for the other casting choices: Kevin Spacey was approached for the role of Lex Luthor (before he got it for Superman Returns), while Tim Allen claimed he was in talks for Brainiac, and if Schnepp is right, was The guy being looked for while Jim Carrey was also being considered. Yes, you had Sandra Bullock, but there was also Courteney Cox as another possibility for Lois Lane. And Chris Rock was set for Jimmy Olsen, something even Kevin Smith comfirmed as well. Michael Keaton was confirmed, and alot of people were thinking that he was going to be Batman again, but he responded with "not exactly". Plus, looking at the Burton-era scripts, Batman was not in it, so he would have to be someone else. Maybe he was going to be K, given his comment.

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