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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 10

Originally Posted by Repulsor Blast View Post
Can we all agree to check some of LokiD's posts after iron man 3 releases so we can objectively gauge how "correct" he was with his essay-long semi-ramblings?

i looked at his posts prior to the avengers and the dude was 100% speculating; he thought there was only 1 leviathan and that it was fing fang foom / had some in depth backstory, whereas in reality, it was just a mindless flying whale thing for the avengers to fight. oh, and there were a bunch of them.

i say this in the hope that next movie (thor 2 i guess) doesn't get the same treatment by him.

nothing against the guy personally. he never has anything negative to say on here, even when people criticise him, myself included, but i find his long speculation posts to be both distracting and exhausting.
While some of his stuff turns out to be true, he does end up getting large parts wrong. As for his long rambling posts, I tend to skip over them since he's obviously never heard of paragraphs to give the reader a break. Plus, he's been on the Thor 2 board already, while they were filming, writing his essays about knowing the entire plot and story details.

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