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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 10

Originally Posted by mkilban2 View Post
I've actually read everything he's posted, plus a few PMs he's sent me. (granted I forget a lot because there's so much haha) but I'm of the mindset that he knows some things but certainly not everything. He has a bit of solid info then runs from there on tangents which isn't the best way of going about it to me.

If that poster really is him then I'm curious as to why he's never said any of those things outright here.
After reading some of his stuff at 4chan and on here, a lot of the plot does sound very plausible and kind of matches up to some of the stuff that Marvel has shown to writers and others in early screenings. Does sort of make me wonder how he gets his scoop on the movies. I'm kind of under the impression he may know someone inside Marvel Studios and they tell him stuff that he probably shouldn't leak so early.

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