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Default Re: Will there ever be a good Transformers movie?

Originally Posted by superman61413 View Post
Honestly. All three Transformers movies were all good. It was just sadly, the critics trashed TF2 like crazy. I think people should be lenient on Michael Bay if directing the new Transformers movie. If not, why we even have critics in the first place
No, I would say the first and maybe the third had their merits, but the 2nd was awful.

Let's not talk about the cheese for a second, but simply put, the second film meanders, so it has terrible pacing and major script issues. The first hour is useless. By the time you're introduce to the Fallen, it feels like an after-thought. The plot is uneven. It doesn't have to bet strong but it's just strung along.

Not only that, it's the one movie that the transformers really get sidelined. No bot has a real arc to speak of, the Autobots introduced in the first flim were barely featured, the new characters are just unlikable (the twins) and you're stuck with them for the entire second act while Prime is 'out'.

It's overly long, directionless, aimless, and strangely boring.

"Benicio Del Toro is up-and-coming...and this (movie) could be his breakthrough role."

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