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Default Re: New Live Action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie In The Works? - Part 3

Originally Posted by Cassandra Cain View Post
Yeah but see that's the thing: Kevin Eastman goes along with whatever the latest filmmaker and studio want to do to TMNT. Of corse this is probably because he focuses more on dollar signs while Peter Laird wants to stay true to the original story of the Turtles. He's not interested in tweaking and changing important details. Basically, he's on the same par as the fanboys.
Isn't it crazy. You have the two extremes here with both creators. One is about the populace, while the other is a non-conformist.

The weird thing is that Kevin's IDW TMNT Comics are actually wonderful.... I hope he can bring that to the film somehow. The writers can't be so stupid NOT to look at the IDW comics, when the creators is RIGHT THERE. And Eastman would be stupid NOT to mention his comics to the writers.

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