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Doctor Theopolis was a talking computer that had a claim voice like Hal-9000.

Wesley Strick's script is basically what Tim Burton wanted to film. Wesley Strick would have also been the on the set writer on Superman Lives for dialogue rewrites, etc. of the shooting script, as he had for Tim Burton's Batman Returns, Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear, etc.

Wesley Strick explained "I worked on this Superman movie that actually never got made, it was called Superman Lives, Tim Burton was the director. I had come in and rewritten Batman Returns, I was the on the set writer on that movie, and so he brought me back for Superman."

Wesley Strick continued "But Superman was a huge mega budget movie for it's time, and it was partly being financed by Warners through all of these deals that were being made with like the Hasbro toy company and other toy companies. So I was hearing like 'We need a scene with a big spider,' or 'We need a scene with a robot that looks like a martian,' stuff that had nothing to do with the work that Tim and I were doing. And I realized that they had made all of these licensing deals with McDonald's or something, to help offset the cost of the movie, they'd already sold off to all of these toy franchises before the script was even done, much less the movie had even started shooting, so that's the worst kind of collaboration, when you're being given these kinds of notes that come from studio marketing people."

Wesley Strick explained "Ideally, we (writers) collaborate with the director. When movies get in trouble is because the writer has to answer to the executive and sometimes the producer. There are a lot of smart executives and producers, but often the notes that they give you are coming from the highest reaches of the studio, where their not really thinking about the script, the story, the movie, their thinking about how to market the movie, how to sell it. So often your getting insane notes that you don't understand what the hell your being asked to do, and then you take a breath and go 'Oh, I get it.'"

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