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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 1

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
if singer doesn't take a risk on other characters he ain't helping the franchise at all

after 5 films, nearly 6 i trust singer knows this by now
Im with you on that. I really hope Singer and Fox have learnt a few lessons all these years, specially after Avengers.

Wolvervine WILL BE on the movie, that's more than enough for general audience. He doesnt need to be the traveler for the movie to be a success. It WILL be a success whatever his role is.

Thats what some fans dont get at all. Wolverine will appear in ALL posters, trailers, spots and interviews. So.. what more does Singer and Fox needs from Wolverine to sell this movie?

Wolverine can shine on the future, the same another character as the traveler can shine a bit on the past, wihout being a lead character. Its all about a great script with an almost perfect ballance. Its not that hard to do it indeed.

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